YouTube now second largest Internet search engine

While it may seem to be incredible to most, YouTube, the video-sharing website, has emerged as the world’s second largest Internet search engine after Google in just six years of its existence. Currently, YouTube is said to get as many as two billion views every day, which is over 50 per cent more than what it got in 2009.

YouTube was established by three employees of PayPal as a startup in 2005 and bought by the Mountain View-based Internet search engine giant Google in the following year for a whopping $1.65 billion. Today, YouTube is getting ready to compete with television and market observers say that very soon it may change the meaning of the acronym www from World Wide Web to world wide watching!

Recent website news quotes Google director (Asia-Pacific Japan) Gautam Anand as saying that they are of the view that the difference between viewing the Internet and television would fade away fast, since on-demand video is coming into the limelight. In fact, YouTube has been inserting latest streams of content as well as finding out new methods to enhance revenues.

In the United States, YouTube has already entered into agreements with CBS and MGM to allow them to upload films and television serials along with advertisements. In 2010, YouTube had also introduced an online film rental facility in the United States. Nevertheless, it is facing difficult competition from online video service providers, such as Hulu, Netflix and even Facebook.

In India, currently YouTube has as many as 20 million exclusive users, who prefer viewing movies and sports – the two items that are also a hit worldwide. Hence, content from Bollywood is the foremost priority, while cricket come a close second. In effect, Dabangg’, one of recent mega hit films from Bollywood, was premiered on YouTube in this country. According to Google, content producers in India are in the front in espousing as well as trying out with YouTube.

All said and done, it is significant to note that Google is not yet ready to reveal if YouTube is a profitable venture by now. Nevertheless, the Mountain View-based firm says it would keep on offering free content and make money from the traffic by generating revenues from advertisements. In effect, YouTube has been monetizing more than two billion video views each week in the United States and currently has over 1,000 partners.

Meanwhile, Samsung, one of the major advertisers on YouTube, says that the 24/7 availability of the website, particularly to people attending office is a big crowd puller. The other major advertisers on YouTube India include big names like Coca-Cola, HSBC, HUL, SBI, GM, Hero Honda, Nokia and Airtel. Before concluding, it may be said that as of now, YouTube as well as its rival may just hope that www would also denote world wide wealth!