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Top Web is an organization devoted to marketing leading Web developers and development firms. We are dedicated to connecting Web developers and development firms with companies and entrepreneurs requiring relevant services.

Companies and entrepreneurs requiring Web development services can be matched to industry-leading services firms through our ever-growing company directory to meet their specific criteria, and to obtain multiple proposals.

Web developers and development firms can utilize one of the fastest growing directories to market their industry services and improve visibility to thousands of targeted visitors to Top Web and our partners.

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Understanding Responsive Design and Its Benefits to Your Business

The use of responsive design is a relatively new idea that is the way the future of web design is going to go. The reason for this is the huge benefits it offers businesses. The first benefit is the time which is saved through using responsive design. With the use of regular web design companies could count on it taking weeks to get all the sites up and running on all the devices out there. With the added time the business will face, they can spend more time in developing a website that is perfect in all ways.

Since the use of responsive design does use less time, it also means less money a business is paying to their web designer. In a market in which businesses are being forced out each day due to hardships, saving money is the way in which businesses survive and thrive in the market. The use of responsive design will enable one cost for a web design that will go across the board in terms of which devices can utilize this and still find a fully functional website to browse.

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There was a time a decade or so back when small businesses had absolutely no chance to challenge the might of big players of the domain. Those were the days when the internet was yet to come into existence and only traditional mode of marketing ruled the horizon. Small entities had to settle with a pretty small market to cater as they lacked the wherewithal and financial clout required to expand and stretch their presence. All this changed from the time the internet made its presence and since then, a level-playing field got established. Small businesses are better off now as they can access the same market as any million or billion-dollar entity.